Integrity, Illness, and Insane Weekends

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I hadn’t even realized it had been twelve days since I last posted. Wow, life has been so crazy in those twelve days. Well, longer than that. The end of lumberjack season is always a bit crazy.

I am currently sick. Everything hurts….except my nose. My head throbs, my ears are stuffy, my lungs hurt, my body aches, I’m run down, and my throat is sore. I’m leaning flu not cold at this point in time. For the first time ever, I sent Matt and Abby to church without me yesterday and I stayed home to rest. Feeling somewhat better today but still pretty “blah” and run down.

We’re pretty sure the illness is a result of a stressful situation where my integrity has been called into question. I know that I am 100% honest and did nothing wrong. The people that matter know I’m 100% honest and did nothing wrong. God knows it as well. But to have it insinuated that I am this terrible, awful person has been a pretty stressful situation. I really can’t go into details but prayers for this situation are greatly appreciated.

My human side wants fight back but I know that that is not the Christian thing to do. When attacked, we are not suppose to attack back. Turn the other check and remain humble. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do? However, as a person of integrity and as a follow of Christ, that is exactly what I need to do. It has taken some time and lots of prayer but I am no longer angry at the situation. No matter what the outcome, I am at peace.

As far as insane weekends, I thought we were done but not so much. Last weekend was suppose to be our last lumberjack weekend. It was a great weekend for Matt. He did so well! He placed for the first time at two competitions that have many big names. One of the competitions, the prestige of placing is worth far more than the prize money. I missed that one as I had to pick up Abby. The one the day before I was there for, without Abby and didn’t have to score. It was the most laid back, relaxing, fun day I have had in months.

We did decide to add one more competition this weekend. It’s suppose to be a pretty laid back one so that will be nice. It is part of a fall foliage festival so I’m hoping to be able to wander a bit and check things out.

So that’s how things are here. I’m hoping to get back into more frugal tips and such now that life is settling out a little bit.

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