Christmas Expectations

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Today is December 3rd. Only 21 days until Christmas.

I’ve been a bit on the depressed side this year. With the change in income, we can’t do Christmas as big as we normally do. We never do it too big but this year we are making all the family gifts, purchasing Abby’s on sale, and doing nothing for each other.

That is the part that is hardest for me. I love trying to get something that Matt will love. I love wondering what he is going to get me. Gifts is my second highest scoring love language (acts of service is my highest). I don’t just like getting gifts (although, I love getting gifts) but I also love trying to find the perfect gift for people. I’m pretty good at it too.

So finding the motivation to make gifts and decorate is hard for me this year. Very odd for me as I am a Christmas lover. I usually go all out and decorate the entire house. I’m trying to work on my attitude that it is okay to have a smaller holiday and I can still decorate like crazy as we own all the decorations I need. I’ve been praying that God helps me adjust my expectations on the holiday season this year.

This is just a struggle I am having and since I like to “keep it real” on here, I’m sharing it with all of you. Know that no matter what the struggle is you have this Christmas, you are not alone. Your struggle may be way different than mine and probably a whole lot less selfish, but we are still in this together. :)

Remember that all the stuff we like to do at Christmas is just stuff and Christ is the reason we celebrate. Find a way to celebrate that within your budget, time, and abilities.

Also remember that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Watching my daughter play with this nativity that a wonderful internet stranger blessed her with… huge blessing. (Thank you, Kimberly, if you happen to be reading this.) :)

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    I understand how you are feeling, I have been where you are at. God always provides! More recently, He has been showing me that He truly does care about the desires of our hearts when we put Him first. Reading your posts, I see that He cares about yours, too. On a side note, my husband is very hard to buy gifts for, but some of his favorite gifts have been gifts that I have made for him. Maybe there is something you can make for his gift. I found your blog thru the Etsy Create in Christ team. I really like it, I’ll be back. :)

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