Ask the Readers: Frugal Christmas Tips

It's your turn!

I'd love to hear how you stretch your Christmas dollar.

Do you make all your gifts? Do you have a potluck Christmas dinner? Do you wrap your gifts in newspaper and paper grocery bags?

Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I start my Christmas shopping for the following year with the after Christmas sales. Then I use all year to match sales with coupons to get the most for our dollar. Even though it drives my husband crazy I save the bags, bows, and tissue paper that is still in decent condition to cut back on our Christmas wrapping expenses. :-)

    1. I save the tissue paper and bags too. I am not, however, a paper saver. That stuff is supposed to be ripped off in a frenzy. lol. I even saved the bags and tissue from my baby showers for Abby. :)


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