A Step Closer to Debt-Free Living....And a Giveaway!!

Today is a wonderful day in our house. Today we became $120 a month richer!

Our tax return came in yesterday. We decided to use most of it to pay off two debts. We paid off the smallest student loan. I have talked about that here and here. I did not get it paid off by Christmas like I wanted but not too far past. I am so excited!

And even better.....I went in and paid off the Focus today!!! We still have a payment on the van but the car is now completely ours. :)

We know have $120/month to put towards other debt or, when it is a tight month, to have for food or regular bills. It is such a nice feeling knowing that that money is ours now.

We did gain a little debt over the summer from having to borrow money from family for a big vehicle repair and part of a dispute with the hospital bill from Abby's birth resolved...in their favor. But both of those should be paid off this year.

But, out total debt has gone from $43,336.84 in May to $37,757.97 today. One step closer to debt free!!

And now....

In honor of being $120 a month richer, I am hosting my very first ever blog giveaway! I will giving away a copy of Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble. You can read the review for it here.

Blue Moon Promise, Under Texas Stars Series #1

To enter,"like" Logger's Wife on Facebook. You can get more entries by leaving a comment on here about your favorite book and by liking Abigial's Attic on Facebook.  The directions are right below this in the box. Contest runs today through midnight February 20th. Winner will be announced on the blog on Friday, February 22nd.

I am so excited!!! Good luck!!

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  1. Congrats on your debt progress! It's worth the sacrifices :-)

  2. Excited to start following your blog.

  3. My favorite book? Can't remember the title or author, nor can I locate the book at the moment, but it was about a young man homesteading in Iowa, pre-Civil War era. One neighboring family, the Martins, had a passel of kids, many of them girls, and the main focus of the book is the story between this young man and Suzannah Martin.

  4. Congratulations on the debt progress! You are an inspiration :-)

  5. My favorite book has to be Mennonite Country style cookbook! LOL Yes, a cookbook!


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