Christmas Wishings

It's that time of year where I have to start thinking about what we (Matt, Abby, and I) want for Christmas. We have discovered that it is way easier to give a "wish list" to family rather than have this conversation come Christmas Day.

"Gee, I hope you really like it. I tried to hard to find something that you would like."


*crinkling paper*

"Um, wow! A combination egg beater shoe horn. I.....didn't know they made those."

So as I am working through that, I thought I would share with you some of the things I am wishing for right now. Some of them are way too much money so it really is just wishing but that's part of the fun. :)


I really want an espresso maker. This one to be exact. Nothing overly fancy. I have a love of fancy coffee but can't afford it. Plus, live in the middle of no where. Not like I can just go to Starbucks.

I have needed a camcorder for a couple years now. I almost never take pictures at lumberjack competitions but take video. While my camera takes video, not as easily as a camcorder.

I am in love with this diaper bag. I went and checked it out when I was in Freeport the other day. I am already planning on using any Christmas money I receive this year to put towards this bag.

I have things I'm wishing for Abby too.

This just looks like so much fun to me.

As does this. Nothings says fun like a train that pops colorful balls out the top! At least, I think it looks like fun.

Of course, I have some practical things on my wish list for Abby. Like clothes. The girl always seems to be outgrowing something. Which considering how slowly she is to gain weight, seems strange.


  1. Try chilren's resale shops, such as Kid to Kid or Children's Orchard, for the baby toys, and even for the diaper bag. They have toys, tons of diaper bags, and lots of baby equipment. Garage sales are even cheaper. I wish I had known how much more I could have bought with my first if I had just shopped at more garage sales. I went to a few that were so expensive that I gave up. Since then, I've found others that were cheaper (clothes for .25 to $1).

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I actually already do most of my shopping at thrift stores even before the baby. We don't have hardly any children's consignment shops (or any consignment) due to the rural nature of my area. But a new one just opened. I'm going to check it out next week.

    These are just things I would love to have. Just dreaming. :) Probably the only thing I will buy for full retail is the diaper bag. I always buy my LL Bean stuff new because of the lifetime guarantee.


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