Ways I Saved- June

ways I saved3

The first month of summer has come and gone. Where it's the end of the month, I like to share with you five ways I saved money over the month. Sometimes these are very simple, sometimes these are big, and sometimes these ways are a bit out of the box. My hope is that seeing how I save money will help encourage you to find new ways to help you stretch your budget. It can be so hard some times when you are in a frugal rut. Hopefully you'll find some new ways to save money! Thrift store … [Read more...]

Saving On Your Power Bill with a Phone Call

saving on your power bill

Our electric bill is always higher in the winter. We heat with wood but the blower for the furnace (forced hot air) is run by electricity. Considering it is Maine, the heater runs almost constantly from October-March/April. Usually my April power bill is lower than previous few months as we aren't running the furnace constantly. So imagine my surprise when it was $50 higher than I expected. That was when I started doing some research. A few years ago Maine started allowing competing … [Read more...]

Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me

lessons motherhood has taught me

Motherhood brings so many changes. Not just in the whole "there is a little person who is solely dependent upon me for all their needs" kind of way. I talked before about all the ways that becoming a mom has changed me. But it has also brought some lessons, not just about who I am or about children but just in general. Here are just some of the lessons from motherhood I have learned. 1- I really hate changing bed sheets. Like, really hate. A potty training child and a couple of stomach … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Worthy Pursuit

a worthy pursuit

(I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.) This is not the first Karen Witemeyer book I have read but it is the first one I have reviewed. In fact, I have read four of her other books. So when A Worthy Pursuit came up for review, I was so excited! Sometimes I like to read books that are completely new to me but sometimes I need something that I know. Something about reading books from an author that I have read before and enjoy is just so comfortable and … [Read more...]

Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

summer slow cooker recipes

With summer here and the temperatures only getting warmer, we are all looking for ways to feed our families without having to turn on the oven. I know that I am desperate for summer recipes. My house is great at holding heat in the winter. Unfortunately, the lack of shade trees makes that true in the summer as well. Using the grill is the obvious choice to keep the house from heating up more. However, we can only have grilled meals so many times. Plus, I like a little more variety than that and … [Read more...]

Using Rewards Programs

using reward programs

Most likely you are a member of at least one rewards program, whether it is a store specific one like Kmart's Shop Your Way Rewards or an online one like Swagbucks or Ebates. And like most of us, you probably forget that you have that card or that account so you have all these reward accounts sitting and doing nothing. Or you think that it isn't worth it, you won't earn much, so why bother? I used to be that way, but now I am a firm believer in using rewards programs when possible. I like them … [Read more...]

When God’s Timing Isn’t Your Timing

God's timing isnt your timing

It happened again. I waited (not so patiently) for 11 days...only to have my not so lovely monthly visitor show up. Aunt Flo is really not welcome around here. But there she was again. Just as predicted, I was a sobbing mess on the kitchen floor. (Why do these things always happen when I'm trying to make dinner?) Which then brings the anger. Every. Single. Time. I get so angry that God gifts people with babies who then neglect or abuse them. I get angry that teens messing around in the back seat … [Read more...]

Book Review: Love Arrives in Pieces

love arrives in pieces2

Do you ever judge a book by it's cover, even though you are told not to? That's how I ended up reviewing this book, Love Arrives in Pieces. The cover and description both looked interesting so I decided to give it a try. Besides, I'm always interested in finding new authors to read. Since I have never read anything by Betsy St. Amant before, I decided to give it a go! Stella is a former beauty queen trying to figure out who she is and move past a divorce that turned her world upside down. … [Read more...]

Taking a Day of Rest – A Mom’s Best Defense

taking a day of rest

  Alright mamas. Raise your hand if you are exhausted. I'm pretty sure I just saw all but a couple of you raise your hands. Those few that didn't...well, I think they may have been asleep. There is just something about "mom" that seems to be synonymous with "exhausted." An d not just "I need to go to bed' exhausted but that bone weary, brain fried exhausted. Now I have another question for you. When was the last time you took a day off? Mmm...that's what I thought. It's been awhile, … [Read more...]