Saving Money By Using Your Time

save money with time

I often find myself lamenting that living is so expensive. Even a gallon of milk is almost $4 around here. However, there isn't much I can do about the cost of items and the cost of living. With raises few and far between these days, it involves a lot of creative thinking and doing to make what income we do have stretch far enough to cover all our expenses. There is one major thing that helps stretch that budget for me: time. Saving money by using your time is a great frugal living strategy. … [Read more...]

Growing Our Family and Fears of Having a Second Child

blog pg announcement

I am happy to share with you that we will be welcoming a new baby to our family in May! Abby is ecstatic to be a big sister. Matt is so happy. We had been trying to just over a year when we had the miscarriage in August. He was so thrilled that we got pregnant again right away. Me? Well, how I feel is different on any given day. That may seem odd to you since we very much wanted to expand our family. But something happened to me after the miscarriage. I started questioning so much of my life. … [Read more...]

First Frugal Things to Do After You Get Pregnant

frugal steps to take after you get pregnant

It's so exciting! That moment you look down see that plus sign or the two pink lines or even the word, "pregnant." It's like no other moment in the world. Shortly after the excitement comes the worry. There are so many things expectant mothers worry about. What to eat, how to exercise, what labor is going to feel like, what to do after the baby is born, and how to afford the baby. It's that last one that we are going to talk about today. If you live on a tight budget, there are some frugal … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Blogging Break and Plans for the Future

First, I would like to say, thank you all for letting me have this month to take a step back, focus on family, and re-evaluate some of my blogging and business life. I think I have a better plan going forward to help prevent burn out and keep this whole blogging thing more fun. In case you were wondering, here is how I spent my blogging break. Lots of reading Yup, that's right. I spent hours and hours reading, even daytime hours. And not just the typical reading books because I have to review … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Noble Masquerade

a noble masquerade

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)   I promise I'll be back from my blogging break soon. I have some new ideas and fresh perspectives after about a month off. In the meantime, here is another book review. :) This time around I got to read another book by an author I haven't read before again, A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter. That's always a bit hit or miss. This time it was a hit. A Noble Masquerade … [Read more...]

Book Review: For the Love

for the love

Thank you all, for being so understanding while I am taking a bit of a break from blogging. I am still taking a break but am much more refreshed than I was a few weeks ago. I am taking a bit of a break from my break as I have a couple book reviews that need to be posted. Since I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review, I need to uphold my end of the bargain. ;) Prior to receiving For the Love I had only heard of Jen Hatmaker a little bit and knew nothing about her. So … [Read more...]

Lessons for “Those Days”- Imperfect Mom Confessional

lessons for those days

Yes, I am still on my blogging break but before I made that decision, I agreed to guest post at Busy Being Blessed as part of their Imperfect Mom Confessionals series. I think we’ve all had those days when we just absolutely don’t want to be a mom. It may be because we have spent the day cleaning up messes, dealing with tantrums, and trying to teach obedience. It may be simply because we are tired and don’t want to play or talk or even be touched. Whatever the reason, we all have those … [Read more...]

Burned Out and Taking a Break

I have to confess something to you all. I'm tired. Like, really tired. There's just so much going on and on top of all that, we have some life decisions to make. I just can't stay on top of it all. I don't even want to write. Which is odd as blogging is something I love to do. There is so much more involved with blogging than just writing. I spend a lot of time on social media, promoting, etc. I just don't want to do it anymore. It's a lot of work for very little return and I'm worn out. I'm … [Read more...]

Frugal Fall Family Fun

frugal fall family fun

Something about fall just makes me want to go out and do things. I think it is the fact that it is no longer sweltering outside. I don't do well with summer. However, fall is also a low money time for us. Summer and days off for competition in lumberjack competitions pretty well zaps our funds. For that reason, I try to find us free or cheap things to do as a family. Frugal fall family fun doesn't have to be boring either. Here are some fun ideas to try with your family. Jump in … [Read more...]