Not So Extreme Couponing

not so extreme couponing

(Some links in post are my affiliate links. To read more, go here.) I think these days a lot of people hear "coupon" and they think extreme couponing. They think getting $400 worth of food and household items for less than $10. Well that is all well and good, for most of us, that isn't reality. Most of us see a savings with using coupons but nothing that extreme. An average week of couponing saves me $10-15. A good week saves me $20-50. That may not be much but at $10 a week that's $40 a … [Read more...]

Semi-Whole Food Diet…Stalled

semi whole foods diet

(Since I spent much of February on the sofa recovering from surgery and didn't do much by way of frugal living, I don't have a Ways I Saved post for you this month.)   2014 into 2015 seemed to be the year of survival. Debt payoff stalled, life stalled, even our attempt to eat a more natural diet stalled. We spent so much of our time and energy just trying to get by than anything extra seemed like a monumental undertaking. We haven't kept up with our semi-whole foods diet. With … [Read more...]

Making Financial Sacrifices

financial sacrifice

Sometimes you have to have little splurges to keep you from making big ones. Sometimes it is more frugal to spend money up front on a more expensive item. But much of the time, making financial sacrifices is where you save the most. That is how you get the most out of your frugal lifestyle. Those sacrifices can come in all sizes and shapes. One of my small sacrifices comes in bath and body items. I used to always use the hand soap from Bath and Body Works. I always thought I was doing … [Read more...]

Burning Out on Frugal Living…Revisited

burning out frugal

(I originally posted this the summer of 2013. It is still true for me today, a year and a half later.) I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I get tired of having to pinch pennies and think frugally on every, little thing. Frugal living can be exhausting. I would love to just say, “Sure, honey, you can buy a cup of coffee every day” or to finally purchase the stuff that has been in my cart at for 2-3 years. Or stop sinking money into the Focus when it … [Read more...]

Including God in Your Parenting

including God in parenting

Abby is almost 3 year old. I already knew from years in daycare that 3 is so much harder than 2. It's really the Terrible Three's not the Terrible Two's. But sometimes, because of those years in daycare, I forget to rely on God, not my education and experience. I just rely on myself and what I think I know. There are days/weeks I just want to hide in the bathroom with a tub of Vienna Mocha Chunk, wondering why parenting is just so hard and why I can't get it better. Well, duh, I wasn't … [Read more...]

Current Happenings- February

icecutters daughter

  I'm actually reading something just for fun right now! I have a book I need to read to review but right now, I just want something for fun.   There's just something about watching The Golden Girls when you're stuck on the sofa. Unfortunately, laughing makes me hurt. Surgery recovery. I've had surgery before in the past but this is the first time recovery has knocked me flat. The surgery was more complicated than originally thought so recovery is going to take longer. It … [Read more...]

Use Coinstar to Earn Amazon Gift Cards


(Some links in post are my affiliate links. To read more, go here.) I'm sure most of you have heard of Coinstar. If you haven't, it is a machine that you can put your change into and it counts it. It then gives you a slip of paper to turn in for cash instead of change. For a small fee, of course. You usually find them at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. I'm also sure most of you have heard of Amazon and most of you like to earn free Amazon gift cards (my favorite ways are with Swagbucks … [Read more...]

Book Review: Dashing Dish

dashing dish2

(Post contains affiliate links. For more information, read here.)   I think this might be my first ever cookbook to review. I loved that Dashing Dish was written to be a cookbook all about clean eating/whole foods. As that is something we try to do, it greatly appealed to me. Here's the publisher's description so you know why I was so interested. The Dashing Dish is an inspirational cookbook chock-full of healthy, innovative yet simple recipes, most of which are gluten-free, … [Read more...]

Debt Payoff Check-in

debt payoff

I'm not sure I can really do this post. Our debt payoff has pretty much stalled.  When money got super, super tight a couple years ago, I put Matt's student loan in income based repayment. That actually put it in deferment for two years. For two years, it still collected interest but we paid nothing. We are now back to paying on it we officially owe more on his loans than when we graduated. Also, pretty soon, we will have another car payment. We aren't going the truck route like we had … [Read more...]