How I Track My Budget

track budget

I realized a few days ago that while I talk a lot about saving money, getting out of debt, and having a budget, I have never explained to you how I keep track of our budget and finances. There are so many different methods out there. Some people just use papert. Other people like software like Quicken. Other people like online software like Mint or Mvelopes. I have used some of those methods in the past to track my budget but I always come back to Excel. Categories Each budget, no matter … [Read more...]

Book Review: Everyday Grace

everyday grace

With last year's word of the year being "grace," I jumped at the chance to review Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson. This book says that it is the "guide to grace-filled relationships." Thompson begins her book with the problem with us and why grace is hard. She then goes on to explain the grace of God for us. After that, each chapter goes over a different type of relationship where we need grace. She covers every relationship from those with our children to friends to communities to spouse to … [Read more...]

Ways I Saved- April

ways I saved3

Every month I like the end the month with sharing some of the ways I saved over the month. Some months are more interesting than others. :) Here are some of the ways I saved money in April. 1. Abby's feet went up a shoe size. While I may have not remembered that I had shoes in the correct size in storage, I did decide to try on her "too small" rain boots. I remembered that they were too big last year as they were in boy sizes. Because of that, that actually do fit this year! 2. I went … [Read more...]

Making Chores Fun

making chores fun2

You know you've seen the signs  that say things such as "Excuse the mess. My children are making memories" or "Sticky floor, dirty dishes, happy children." Or heard women say that they would rather spend their time with their children than cleaning. I get all those. I really do. But they tend to make those of us who do like to keep a clean house feel a little guilty, like we aren't spending time with our children. Even though I actually like the act of cleaning, since having Abby, I do tend … [Read more...]

Our New Savings Plan

new savings plan2

I think most everyone can agree that it is a good to save money. Emergency funds are necessary for those unexpected situations. Then there are those big purchases that require saving ahead of time if you want to stay out of debt. You even need to keep money set aside for non-emergencies but necessary things like yearly car repairs. For us, building that savings is hard. We tend to build it in large amounts like when Matt makes bonus at work or has storm work or with things like our tax … [Read more...]

Parenting Littles: The Moments That Are Worth It

parenting littles

I recently wrote a post called, The Silent Mommy War. Thanks to all of you, it has taken off like wildfire! So many other moms could relate. But I received/read a few comments that basically said: Yes, kids can be a pain no matter the age but they are also amazing. Which got me to thinking. Did anyone think that I was saying kids are only a pain and never a blessing? I certainly hope not. I absolutely love being a mom. Each age and stage have their own struggles but they each have their own … [Read more...]

Spring in Maine

spring in maine2

Spring has finally hit here in Maine! As I type this we are even having an unseasonably warm day in the 70s! What a lot of people outside of Maine don't realize is that Maine looks very different in every part of the state. Everyone thinks of us as the coast but that is a very, very small part of our state. For me, this is what early spring in Maine looks like. Collecting maple sap to make syrup   Lots of late nights, sitting up by the evaporator, making maple syrup. You can read more … [Read more...]

Word of the Year 2015: Update

woty peace

We're about a quarter of the way through the year so I thought it was time for an update on my word of the year. My word to live this year is peace. I'm going to be honest. I don't feel like I have much of an update. After last year's word (grace) where I feel like so many of the situations in my life kept pointing to grace and teaching me more, I don't really know what I've learned about peace. But maybe that means I've learned more than I know. Peace tends to be one of those gentle, under … [Read more...]

Limited Time: Free Freezer Inventory Sheet

freezer inventory4

As a "thank you" to you, my lovely readers, I am offering a free printable Freezer Inventory Sheet to all my current and new subscribers. New subscribers will also get my e-book, The Frugal Kitchen. This is for a limited time only, today (4/13) through 4/20. After that time, it will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop. As you know, I'm a bit of a freak about keeping my freezer organized. It is one of my biggest ways to save money. I wanted to be able to help you keep better track of … [Read more...]