The Magical Power of Spray Paint- My Frugal Secret Weapon

power of spray paint

We were given some child-sized plastic chairs. They sat in a shed for years and then sat in our shed for another year. Abby wasn't big enough for them last year. This year she is so I had Matt pull them out. They looked a little worse for the wear so I scrubbed them down. I even used a magic eraser. They still looked horrible grungy and dirty. I asked Abby what she thought and we decided to paint them. We decided on pink and green. Unfortunately, our store didn't have the right shade of green in … [Read more...]

Why Turning 29 Seems Harder Than Turning 30

29 is harder than 30

I'm turning 29 this month. On the 27th to be exact. I've always been a birthday lover. I love to celebrate. I love all the free coffee coupons I get in the mail. ;) I love to have an excuse to do whatever I want to do (well, to a certain extent, of course). I make a big deal about my daughter's birthday too. But this year I'm just not feeling it. Instead of looking forward to my birthday this year, I'm dreading it a bit. I don't feel like I am where I wanted to be by this point in my life. I … [Read more...]

Frugal Cleaning with e-cloth

kitchen cloth review

(I received a complimentary e-cloth to review for you! All opinions are my own.) About a month and a half ago I was approached by e-cloth to review one of their cleaning cloths, the Kitchen Cloth (and I get to offer one to one of you wonderful readers!). I was seriously excited! The e-cloth claims that you can clean with just water. This is because of a special combination of polyester and polyamide. The fibers are supposedly so strong and close together they can pick up more dirt and grime … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Garden for Cheap

frugal garden

I don't know about where you live but it finally getting warm enough here to start thinking about planting our garden. We don't have a large garden but it's big enough for us. I actually don't even enjoy gardening. It's my husband's thing. Weeding and planting have a way of making me angry. I'm find with watering, pruning, picking, canning, and freezing but weeding and planting irritate me to no end. I'm sure you already know that gardening can save you money on vegetables. That's pretty much … [Read more...]

Learning to Be Content

learning to be content

I have a confession. I really struggle with being content. Like, I really struggle with this, not just a little bit. Our house is small and in need of updating. We've pretty much out grown it. But we won't be able to move for years, if ever. Remodeling is a very slow process. I see these beautiful, open concept houses and I start to really dislike my house. Our laptop is older. The battery doesn't have much of a life. The power cord doesn't like to stay plugged in so we have to hold it on … [Read more...]

Every Marriage is Different

marrige is different

I want to talk today about something I don't talk about all that often: marriage. It's been on my mind recently. Have you ever found yourself questioning, "How in the world does their marriage work? I just don't understand how they ever ended up together." Admit it. You know you have. Then you felt guilty for judging another person like that. I experienced this myself recently. Then I wound up on the receiving end of it. Just a simple little comment but it stuck. Why are we quick to say that … [Read more...]

How I Track My Budget

track budget

I realized a few days ago that while I talk a lot about saving money, getting out of debt, and having a budget, I have never explained to you how I keep track of our budget and finances. There are so many different methods out there. Some people just use papert. Other people like software like Quicken. Other people like online software like Mint or Mvelopes. I have used some of those methods in the past to track my budget but I always come back to Excel. Categories Each budget, no matter … [Read more...]

Book Review: Everyday Grace

everyday grace

With last year's word of the year being "grace," I jumped at the chance to review Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson. This book says that it is the "guide to grace-filled relationships." Thompson begins her book with the problem with us and why grace is hard. She then goes on to explain the grace of God for us. After that, each chapter goes over a different type of relationship where we need grace. She covers every relationship from those with our children to friends to communities to spouse to … [Read more...]

Ways I Saved- April

ways I saved3

Every month I like the end the month with sharing some of the ways I saved over the month. Some months are more interesting than others. :) Here are some of the ways I saved money in April. 1. Abby's feet went up a shoe size. While I may have not remembered that I had shoes in the correct size in storage, I did decide to try on her "too small" rain boots. I remembered that they were too big last year as they were in boy sizes. Because of that, that actually do fit this year! 2. I went … [Read more...]