Toddler Christmas Traditions

Toddler Christmas Traditions...ways how we make Christmas traditions work for small children and make the season more fun!

So many of my favorite Christmas traditions really didn't matter to Abby when she was younger. She had no interest in making cookies or watching certain Christmas movies. As she is getting older, she is much more interested in Christmas. In fact, at 2 and a half, she is fairly well obsessed with it. It's been so fun to do some fun Christmas things will her. Some things this year may not happen. Like decorating Christmas cookies. Her health issues right now don't allow her to eat them so it … [Read more...]

Thank You

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I just want to thank all of you for your patience while I needed to take a blogging break to care for my daughter. We have seen a specialist and have been told that this is a much more common condition than you would think. Still not much information about it out there though. With a case as simple as hers, basically we keep her on the modified BRAT diet to constipate her and ride it out. It should resolve itself in a few months. Most cases are the opposite and caused by constipation not … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Sick Child

I shared on the Logger's Wife Facebook page but I would like to share here as well.We are dealing with a sick child right now. Not, "oh she has a cold" sick. She has been having issues with her stools for one week today and 4 days ago, she had a rectal prolapse.Technically, it is a mucusal prolapse or partial rectal prolapse. Basically, when she poops, a bit of her rectum comes out as well. It goes back in within 15-20 minutes but they don't know why this is happening. We are waiting on some lab … [Read more...]

Using Tape to Create Toy Volume Control


I don't know about you but I cannot stand noisy toys that don't come with volume control. Or they do but even the quiet setting is loud. And those obnoxious books that make noise! They are always so loud. When I worked daycare many years ago, we used a simple trick to make all those noisy things quieter. Packing tape!   It is as simple as it sounds. Just take a piece of packing tape and cover the speaker of the toy that you want to be quieter. If that doesn't make it quiet enough, you … [Read more...]

Creating Frugal Christmas Decor


(Monday, my guest post as part of Frugal Homeschool Family's 25 Frugal Days of Christmas went live.)Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smells, the tastes, the sights, the movies, the music. There isn’t much I dislike about Christmas. One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the decorations. I love decorating my house for Christmas. But decorations can be so expensive. Our budget doesn’t allow for us to buy new decorations very often. So what’s a frugal girl to … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Christmas Toy


(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, read here.) Last year I really wanted a certain toy for Abby to play with during the Christmas season. It finally went on sale but due to our financial situation at the time, we still couldn't afford. I mentioned that briefly in a blog comment. Within a day I received an e-mail from that blog saying that someone had seen that comment and wanted to bless me with the toy. The toy got here a week later. Abby was so excited!This Little … [Read more...]

Ways I Saved in November

ways I saved

1. A large box and some crayons provided hours and hours of entertainment for Abby. We've been struggling as she has outgrown most her toys. It is very tempting to go buy new but the box has gained us some weeks!2. I went into the big town/small city near me to go to Shaw's as they had a number of great deals. Am I most excited about my $0.89 peanut butter or my $0.38 cereal? Nope! I was pleasantly surprised to see the boneless skinless chicken breasts I was going to pay paying $1.87/lb (awesome … [Read more...]

Our 3rd Annual Pies-giving


On Matt's side of the family, his little brother's wife has a number of Thanksgivings and Christmases she has to attend...all on the actual holiday. So we decided a few years back that our families would celebrate those holidays in a different day.Matt used to go hunting on Thanksgiving and I would just stay home and online shop. We didn't do anything special. My family hadn't done Thanksgiving in awhile due to many factors. (Although, my dad and I used to like Black Friday shopping together. … [Read more...]

Why I Start My Christmas Celebrations Early


There seems to be two camps of people this time of year: those who vehemently oppose anything Christmas before Thanksgiving and those who hide or apologize for starting their Christmas celebrations a bit early. I used to be in the second camp. Here is why I no longer hide that I start my Christmas season a bit early.I love Christmas! It is my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas decorating, I love the music, I love the movies, I love buying gifts, I love the baking. I love Christmas. I … [Read more...]