Quick Meal: Disassembled Shepherd's Pie

Years ago I started making what my husband calls disassembled shepherd's pie with pan fried potatoes (home fries) then I started making it with macaroni. It quickly became one of our favorites for a quick and filling meal. Plus, it is really inexpensive to make.

As we are coming in to a heavy cooking and baking season, this is a great meal for those nights where you are just too busy to cook. One of the best part is that you can change up the seasonings based on your tastes and mood. We usually do minced onions, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

Quick Meal: Disassembled Shepherd's pie...perfect quick,  easy, and inexpensive meal for the holiday season or anytime

50 Christian Owned Etsy Shops

(I was asked to help spread the word about Satisfaction Through Christ's collection of 50 Christian-owned Etsy shops to help support other Christians as we celebrate and shop for this holiday season.)

Merry Christmas friends! I simply adore the holidays. Celebrating my King Jesus' humble arrival in this world is all I think about at this time of the year. (Okay, I admit it, I've already been in Christmas mode since late September...) And since September, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the holiday season. I've never been a big fan of holiday shopping, but this year it dawned on me that holiday shopping is actually an opportunity. It's an opportunity to serve, to bless and to encourage. This year, Satisfaction Through Christ, along with some great friends, is seizing that opportunity by calling one and all to shop with Christian-owned Etsy shops and businesses!

Shop Christian Owned Etsy Shops and Small Business with this jam packed list of our favorites from Satisfaction Through Christ and Friends

Thinking About Thankfulness

This month it seems like all we see, especially on Facebook, is "thanks for" daily posts. (At least, once the elections are over that is.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is good to be thankful. It is good to look at the positives in our lives and not just the negatives. But why do we only show our gratitude one month of the year? Shouldn't we be thankful all year long?

Thinking About Thankfulness...why we should be thankful all year long, not just November

There are so many things we take for granted. For instance, a few friends of mine are dealing with courts and custody things. Some of them are perfectly civil but they still don't get to have their child all the time. I am so thankful that I am not having to deal with that type of situation. My heart just goes out to those moms and dads who have to deal with custody issues.

Current Happenings- November

Make fun of me if you want but we have already started listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I also love Christmas music and movies so I do start listening to and watching them as soon as Halloween is over. I don't decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving though. ;)

The Parallel Between God's Grace and Parenthood

Over the course of this year I have been learning so much about God's grace and how to extend grace to others. I find it no coincidence that the current sermon series at church is about grace. Until this year, I never truly understood grace. Yea, sure, that's something that God extends to us. He sent His son to take death for us, He forgives us when we mess up, you know, standard "God's grace" stuff. But since having a toddler, I have come to understand it is so much more than that.

The Parallel Between God's Grace and Parenting...how becoming a parent has helped me understand the depth of God's grace more

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