Learning to Be a "Yes Mom"

Learning to Be a Yes Mom

A couple of weeks back (okay, make that almost a month ago) I posted this on the Logger's Wife Facebook page:

"This morning I decided to be a "yes mom" and let Abby play in the soaking wet mess known as her sandbox. The intense downpours we had yesterday destroyed the cover I made for it and the sand was so soaked, there were standing puddles.

My first instinct was to tell her to let it dry out a little but then I decided, not a big deal to play in the mud. I could always just rinse her clothes out right away and stick her in the tub.

Guess what? She had a great time! She isn't a messy kid but she loved it anyway. And I survived the mess." 

It's had me wondering ever since. How often am I not a "yes mom?" How often do I tell Abby no for no real good reason? Or I tell her no because I'd rather do something else. I know I told her no sandbox last week for the pure reason that I didn't want to open it so late in the day. And I know I told her no fair wondering a couple weeks ago at a competition because it was hot and I didn't want to.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Now through Monday, September 15th you can get $1,030 worth of ebooks, e-courses, and bonus materials for only $29.97 (PDF version) or $39.97 (eReader version). That's a 95% savings!

All of the material covers healthy living. The materials were carefully assembled to give you the best resources on healthy eating, clean living, healthy children, fitness, and even health and beauty. There are even resources on green living with special diets.

The bundle contains a wealth of information from the very finest healthy living writers out there – but there’s no risk of getting overwhelmed! A useful Getting Started Guide is included with your purchase, which will help you identify the most valuable resources for your specific health priorities.

Current Happenings- September

Absolutely nothing. Isn't that odd? I'm always reading something. But I have some crocheting and other projects to tackle so no time for reading right now. :(

daniel tiger

I think Abby is in love with Daniel Tiger. I'm pretty sure it has taken over Curious George for her favorite show. She learns so much from it too! Potty training has skyrocketed since she has watched the potty episode. The other day I told her Mommy didn't feel good so she tucked me in on the sofa and told me "when you're sick, rest is best." Which is another episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for those of you who don't know.

God's Little Explorers Preschool Program

God's Little Explorers Preschool program

I know school has already started but it is not too late to start if you are thinking about starting your preschooler on a homeschool program.

God's Little Explorers is a Christian 28-week preschool curriculum. It has a different theme and letter each week as well as numbers and shapes. You can start it whenever you want but if you start around now, you will be at the Christmas/ J is for Jesus lesson right at Christmas. This is a fairly hands-on and active program. Perfect for most preschoolers! This is actually the program I am planning on using with Abby in another year or two.

Here is how Stacie, creator of God's Little Explorers, explains this program:

How I Became Logger's Wife...Part 5

Finally, here is Part 5, the final chapter, of How I Became Logger's Wife. Parts 1-4 can be found here.

How I Became Logger's Wife

So you already know that we had 3 months and $2,000 to plan a wedding. Wondering if we pulled it off without a hitch? Almost. I had three bridesmaids: one I was going to college with, one I grew up with and lived in New York at the moment, and one was my future brother-in-law's girlfriend and was going to school in Pennsylvania. I decided to go with a national bridal store for ease. We ran into an issue. Only one bridesmaid was able to get her dress. The other two were told the dress would not be in until two days after the wedding. Cue panic.

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